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The Best Retirement Lifestyle Planning Program on the Net

Why is it the best?

Sail into retirement cracks the code to create the retirement lifestyle you want. This program will help you take an active and focused role in designing your own time, and transform the quality of your life. It is a proven award-winning coaching program specifically designed to help you find, develop, and follow your passion. And your life will have meaning and purpose. The program is fun, upbeat, and when you’re done you’ll feel confident about the exact steps and actions to take to live the life you so well deserve.



Easiest lifestyle planning program to follow AND implement. Absolutely loved the Action Guide activities and the videos were engaging and entertaining.

Ervin Sebestyen
Retired CEO


I’ve taken other programs that cost $1000+ dollars; yet this program far outweighed others. An affordable and easy-to-implement program. I highly recommend it!

Richard Gilmor
Retired Police Officer


I really enjoyed the constant motivation through each video and the action guides; and was proud of my achievement once I’ve already taken the first steps in my plan and I feel like I’m on the road to an entirely new lifestyle.

Elain Rasmusen
Almost-Retired HR Manager



How will you make your retirement the best years of your life?

Are you retired?

What do you do with your time all day?

Are you soon to retire?

What WILL you do with your time all day?
You can let your retirement days, weeks, months, and years trickle away, or you can decide to take action.
Many people have a financial plan for their golden years, yet only 30% have a non-financial retirement lifestyle plan.
When asked, “What will you do when you retire?” most people respond, “I don’t know,” or “sleep in,” “travel,” and
“play their favourite sport.”
Yet, once retired, it’s common to have difficulty with the transition and many fall into depression.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Retirement doesn’t have to mean the end, but rather the beginning of new opportunities. The good news is: You don’t have to go it alone. Sail Into Retirement provides hope and tools to ensure you don’t get depressed, and you’ll look forward to each day.

Welcome to Sail into Retirement

The program is fun, upbeat, and when you’re done you’ll feel confident about the exact steps and actions to take to live the life you so well deserve.

Simply follow along with the step-by-step directions in the 9-module video series. Each module provides you with exercises that build on each other to help you create a powerful plan to Transform Your retirement into one you’ll absolutely be passionate about. You’ll jump out of bed with joy and anticipation of another great day.

Sail Into Retirement is the first retirement lifestyle planning program to bring the highest quality coaching to everyone at an affordable price.

The value of Sail into Retirement is not only the information but also the system Larry Jacobson uses in the online and personal coaching sessions. The lessons build on one another, in a logical order, which ensures you get the best results. From his graduate work in education at the University of California Berkeley, Jacobson understands the sequencing of learning and building a platform of knowledge step by step. He has developed Sail Into Retirement with your success in mind. You will begin to formulate your own plan by the end of Module two.

The course contains everything you need to take action and move towards living a life of purpose and passion.

  • Nine modules with 18 interactive instructional videos
  • Each lesson contains step-by-step guided coaching worksheets
  • Create your lifestyle plan at your own pace
  • For best results, it is recommended to complete the course within 21 to 30 days. However, you are in charge once you start. Go as fast or slow as you wish, as long as you complete each module.

Why this course and why should you listen to Larry?

The answer is simple: Because he developed the program based on his own Retirement Transformation Experience. He is the trusted authority on non-fiscal retirement planning and an in-demand coach. Larry believes only in teaching what he knows, and turning your passion into your dream retirement is a field in which he excels.

He is a regular speaker on Retirement Life-Style Planning related topics at corporate training events, conferences, and retreats. He was even invited – not once, but twice – to present his story at the prestigious TEDx events.

Who should take this course?

This course is a great fit for you if:

  • You are struggling to find your passion or purpose.
  • You are retiring soon or have recently retired, and want to create a retirement of meaning and purpose.
  • You’ve been retired for a while and are wondering, is this all there is?
  • You retired and feel lost, not knowing what to do with your days. You have a nagging feeling. you are wasting your retirement years.
  • You retired and are struggling with the loss of your work identity.
  • You have big dreams for your retirement but are struggling with the risk and fears which accompany big dreams.
  • You’re just not sure of what you want to do in retirement. You can’t decide.
  • You struggle to keep a positive perspective.
  • Or, if you know someone who is struggling with any of the above, this course makes a great gift.
  • Financial Planners, this is perfect for your clients.
  • A desire to make your retirement years meaningful and the best years of your life. 

Let Your Passion & Purpose-Filled Future Start Today!

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