Meet the Founder:
Larry Jacobson

During his six years circumnavigating the globe after departing corporate shores, Larry accumulated priceless and hard-won lessons — new insights on how to master your fears and limitations, persevere through the inevitable storms on the way to success, and live out your childhood dreams against all odds.

Larry’s dynamic recounting of his incredible experiences and the lessons he’s drawn from them shine a navigational beacon of inspiration for anyone who’s ever aspired to achieve great things in business or in life.

His Sail into Retirement program was built on Larry’s journey that took him from a dream to sailing around the world.

Larry is Committed to Helping You
Transform Your Retirement Life Style

“Larry’s satisfaction comes from inspiring you to achieve your goals and make your grandest dreams and visions come true. Through his coaching, speaking, workshops, publications, and video programs, Larry has motivated people worldwide.

You’ve come to the right place for inspiration and coaching for:

• Life-planning for Now, and Retirement

• Being a Better Leader

• Becoming a Better Speaker and Communicator • Increasing Your Sales Skills

• Finding and Following Your Passions

• Making Your Dreams Come True

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When Larry Jacobson sailed away from the secure harbor of a successful career, comfortable home and “normal” life to circumnavigate the world in his own boat, he proved that if you hold steadfast to your dreams, you can conquer any obstacle.